7-Fireroad Truette snaps pictures of Dave and Jeff pacing ahead of him. At first, Jeff is in the lead. Dave catches him and they walk abreast on the snowy, ice-covered road. Truette is excited at the scene framed by his camera lens. His friends are powerful, lean; like dancers. He double times past them and exposes more film of the two men as they hike up the road. They climb leaning into the slope, swinging their long legs forward and with their shoulders squared they march boldly. Jeff shouts to Truette, “Give me the camera. Let’s get some pictures of you.” “You can do that later.” “Okay, but don’t forget. I want to immortalize you,” Jeff smiles as he replies.

Stubbs, Truette (2013-04-19). STARSHINE: 1978 Mountaineering History Making Ice Climb on the North Face of Whiteside Mountain in North Carolina USA (Kindle Locations 770-775). Truette T. Stubbs. Kindle Edition.