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At 74 and happily married for 35 years, my priorities are radically different than at 39 and between marriages, nevertheless, proofing the scanning of this manuscript brought the events covered in this narrative present in a sometimes jarring way.   I have made no changes to the text, not even a punctuation mark.  It is clear to me now that the writing of this was an expiation of my grief over loosing Jeff.  Working with this so much recently has brought that  pain back, although moderated.  My recent careful rereading confirms for me that I did get it down quite well, both our emotions and exactly how it all transpired.  I hope all of you who read Starshine will be touched by our common humanity.


  1. 5-6-2013

    The inner life of people who like to climb ice is revealed…
    I first read this book when I was asked to make some illustrations and truly enjoyed reading it. Truette Stubbs, one of three outdoor adventurers on the lookout for a way to escape into the mountains and woods, spies this 240′ ice formation from Route 64. He had been watching this piece of ice for some time, makes a hand sketch and mails it (no email in these days!) to Dave Buck.

    Their spirits, soaring at the thought of climbing some REALLY dangerous ice, gathers these souls together for the peace of being closely connected to nature plus the adrenalin of doing something that requires great skill and physical endurance…and which, without a little luck, angels, or whatever, is life threatening.

    I found this book very authentic of the secret life of ice climbers as well as a warning to never let your guard down when on mountains with ice! The writing style is very intimate and shows what’s going on inside people who enjoy doing dangerous things for fun and relaxation. Truette’s feelings of fear for his physical self as well as ego breaks down stereotypes and the camaraderie between the three was well expressed. In the end Truette did not run away from all the feelings that went through him when his close friend slipped and died.
    All in all this was an enjoyable and well documented read and I would recommend it to ice climbers and people just interested in a good adventure story.

  2. 8-19-2013

    Great read. Interesting that it is written in the third person. Nicely conveys the comaradery of men doing dangerous and challenging things together. I felt the fear and then the exilleration of all three men and then the crash of Truett as Jeff is killed before his eyes. The entire book has an almost adolescent innocence about it.
    I would recommend this book to anyone and to women who want to better understand men or one man.

    • 9-21-2014

      Truett, you’re a published writer! Congratulations. I was once again looking
      for your address when facebook took me to the book info.
      I feel deeply about it though I hadn’t read it, yet. It must have
      been incredibly difficult to have re-lived those tragic days. It was good you had Brenda for comfort. Those days of being with nature and being with her had me longing for more. I was fortunate to have been with you during self discoveries. Strength, courage, me trying to overcome
      my fear of height; I trusted my climbing mates, worse that ever happened was a torn ligament on a 20 foot fall and then to hike out with the rope slung over me. I was there in the cabin waiting
      for your return. I am so sorry the event happened. I am sorry he took my camera with him on the
      deadly fall. That period of time was the stuff books are made of. You look great. Be well, write or call. How can we talk. ? Judith

      • 9-21-2014

        You have always been a gentleman and scholar.

      • 7-25-2015

        In reflection, I was witnessed your drive and inthusisim for the dangerous sport if rock climbing. Ice was discussed by the guys, your numerous travels to explore other outdoor challenges of the climbing, never taking the easy rout and even taking extreme trials from a famous climber of the time. The climb requiring upper body strength, ability to stretch while on fingers as a slight edge of rock while a leg searches for a point to press with the toe of the shoe for a stable hold before moving to the next and up. Your confidence and enthusiasm was courageous and an inspiration to us companions and climber hopeful. We were pioneer’s; hiking to the selected rock, always bushwacking through seasons, natures best display. It’s different today with the hopeful to dream about as they reach for manufactured found in athletic sporting goods stores. Our fortune was inspired by you and your loss on this climb left a hole in your phych beyond repair. Thank you for the unifying activity. I hold this period in time as precious.

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